Discover North Cyprus – useful facts, advice on sights, taxi info and more!

So, you have heard of North Cyprus and now planning to visit? Let us guide you through a number of facts about this beautiful island and suggest the best ways to get about. Once you first set the foot of the plane, it is advised to order a taxi to take you to your hotel, whether you land in Ercan, Larnaca or Paphos airport. You can also rent a car in the airport if you are a holder of a valid driving license.

Here are a few things for you to know about Cyprus and North Cyprus in general: 

  • Cyprus is the third largest island in the Mediterranean after Sardinia and Sicily. Cyprus lies on the frontier between Europe and Asia, only 65Km from Turkey’s southern coast, 97Km from Syria, 108 Km from Lebanon, and 370 Km from Egypt.
  • The total area of the island is approximately 9,252 sq km, but North Cyprus covers a total area of 3,515 sq km or nearly one third of the whole island. It is 242 km wide and 64 km deep approximately at its extreme points.
  • North Cyprus as well as the whole island enjoys a typical Mediterranean climate with long, warm and dry summers from mid-May to mid-October, and mild and wet winters from December to February. The short autumn and spring periods complete the seasons of the year.


  • North Cyprus is a unique holiday destination because it offers you everything you could ever want from a nature holiday. Whether you are a lover of nature, an archaeologist, a keen walker, a water sportsman or simply a sun-worshipper this little island is the ideal spot for you.
  • North Cyprus offers the perfect combination of relaxation, water sports and exciting exploration along its beautiful coastline. It enjoys over 300 days of uninterrupted sunshine with its peaceful clear blue unpolluted seas. Every corner of North Cyprus is blessed with natural beauty, from its tall green mountains, to its forest buzzing with wildlife and its glistening beaches where the turtles flock.

There are so many wonderful sights to see when you holiday in North Cyprus – make sure you check out the following:

Top 5 Must-See Sights in North Cyprus:

  • St. Hillarion Castle – not for the faint hearted and those afraid of heights!
  • Kyrenia Castle – stunning 12th century architecture.
  • Bellapais Abbey – the place for a romantic dinner and admiration of Mountains and sea views.
  • Kyrenia Harbour – a tourist-favoured must-see place, have a nice fresh-fish meal.
  • Karpaz – virgin area with white sand and baby-blue aqua. You won’t feel the time passing!

So, don’t just sit by the pool in the glorious sunshine, get out there and explore all the unique treasures of our island either by ordering a taxi ( like this company ). Obvious benefits of getting about in a taxi are such that it simply is a convenient service, you get out whenever you want, you don’t wait and you pay as you go yet making your trip a memorable experience.

You can also try renting a car/ a bike/ or just walking with your own two around discovering the lovely areas and sights. Renting a car can be pricey but does good if you stay longer than usual vacation – but you do pay for your petrol and daily fee whether you use it or not.

On the day of departure, order a taxi transfer to the airport or simply drop your rented car in the rent-a-car buro on the spot. The choice of transportation is yours! Just make sure you enjoy the vacation and make it a great one enough to come back and bring friends!


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Aphrodite Beachfront Village in North Cyprus – Holiday Apartments For Rent!

Planning a holiday in North Cyprus? Why not check our new website dedicated to our award winning resort – Aphrodite Beachfront Village. Full spectrum of 5* facilities, seafront apartments and more awaits for you here!

VISIT and get an 8% discount for your 7+ nights reservation of our Luxury AccommodationTODAY!Image

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EVERGREEN now reveals the INTERIOR DESIGN of its Lovely Turkish Title Villas priced from as low as £96,950

EVERGREEN now reveals the INTERIOR DESIGN of its Lovely Turkish Title Villas priced from as low as £96,950

More details on the website:

North Cyprus property, недвижимость северного кипра

North Cyprus property, недвижимость северного кипра

North Cyprus property, недвижимость северного кипра

North Cyprus property, недвижимость северного кипра

Email for more details:

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Turkish Cyprus says to build “Wonderland” in Gaziveren sea coast

This will be the 11th “Wonderland” in the world.

Sunday, 10 October 2010 12:00

The touristic facility and entertainment center “Wonderland” will be erected in Gaziveren sea coast of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC).

This will be the 11th “Wonderland” in the world.

Ilbe Trading, a Turkish, British and American joint venture company, will invest 220 million USD for the facility. Foundation of the “Wonderland” will be laid on November 15, the 27th foundation anniversary of the TRNC.

TRNC Council of Ministers allocated 70 decares of area for the facility.

Kemal Durust, TRNC minister for Tourism, Environment and Culture, told reporters that this was the first investment to that region, noting that 220 million USD investment would be made to the facility.

Durust said the investment would bring economic, social and cultural development to the country.

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Israeli Swimming Team CAMP @ APHRODITE

Once again APHRODITE Beachfront Resort welcomes Israeli group of swimmers. This time 15-16 Age group training for European Championship.

View Full Album Here

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Article about Aphrodite Beachfront Village by existing owner Mike Stock

In 2006 I came to North Cyprus for the first time. The reason for the trip was to view and possibly purchase an apartment at a development that had caught our attention.

Before flying out I had spoken about it to some Cypriots who ran a Barbers shop in South London. When I mentioned that the development was near the town of Guzelyurt, their reply was, “Why do you want to buy there, there are no other developments, it’s just an empty beach near a sleepy town”. This was music to my ears and I had to go and see, because for someone looking for a development that has potential, it ticked all the boxes.

Secure Pre 74 title that will rise in value whatever the final political outcome, a new location but with infrastructure already being improved, undervalued market, empty beaches. Add to that the fact that I knew there was some serious Israeli funding. I flew out the next week and booked into a hotel in the beautiful town of Kyrenia. The next day I was taken out to the location of the development. The drive took us along roads lined on either side by orange and lemon groves, the trees were in blossom and the scent was intoxicating. We drove through the town of Guzelyurt where the locals went about their business in the late morning sun as described by my Cypriot friends.

After another 5 minutes we came to the village of Gaziveren and headed down a bumpy track to the coast and the Morfu bay. We arrived in an empty field close to the sea and my guide informed me that we were standing on the site. I still remember the feeling of excitement at looking at this beautiful landscape and seeing the sea a deep turquoise in the noonday sun. To the left I noticed a farm shed of some kind and made a mental note to use that as a reference point for future visits just in case my guide had brought me to the wrong field. I returned to the lawyer’s office and arranged a deposit, feeling confident that here was not only a good deal, but also something special. If ever there was an opportunity to come in on something at ground level, this was it. It’s now 2010 and the first stage of the development, which included our apartment is finished. To stand on the balcony and look out to the Morfu bay glistening in the sun is a true pleasure.

To the South and only about 15 kilometres away are the Troodos Mountains, to the North, is the Kyrenia range. Stage two is well under way. The properties are now selling for more than the initial purchase price although well below what I feel they should reach. The TRNC government are actively promoting the Morfu bay as an area for the development of Tourism and are already improving the infrastructure. There are hotels planned, the golf course is to be extended and improved and an Eco village built. The motorway from Nicosia and Ercan airport is nearing completion and a new crossing is being opened that will make Pafos airport a 45 minute car journey away.

At Aphrodite Beachfront the semi Olympic pool finished, the restaurant is open and the gym and sauna are working. The beach at the front is having a breakwater built and soon work will begin on the water sports centre and the indoor pool. For now, I can still reassuringly see the farm shed which was my reference point although that will soon be gone. We make decisions in life, some good, some not so good. This one looks to be firmly on the good side, and I would say to anyone looking to purchase on this island to consider Aphrodite Beachfront. This area is still waiting to take off and now is a good time to look to make a deal.

Article Source:

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5th Miss Peace Contest – 2010 at Aphrodite Beachfront

See some beauties here and Enjoy luxury look of Aphrodite beachfront!

Full Gallery HERE

Beauty Contest at Aphrodite Beachfront Village, Gaziveren, North Cyprus

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